Orik Vancaskerkin



chaotic neutral human fighter


Orik is a mercenary, hired by Nualia to provide protection at Thistetop, where he fought the party and surrendered after his allies (Bruthazmus and two yeth hounds) fell. Orik shared information on Nualia and the dangers facing them in the Thistletop dungeon, even expressing his dislike of the goblin raid on the “good people” of Sandpoint and regret at not leaving Nualia’s employ earlier (he stuck around primarily due to his unrequieted attraction for Lyrie). In exchange, the party let him keep his equipment and leave the area safely. They parted on good terms: Glori encouraged Orik to “seek a brighter path,” but made it clear that he should not return to Sandpoint.

However, Orik later sought out the party to share critical information about an impending attack on Sandpoint, and even assisted the party in defending the town. (A brighter path, indeed!)

Orik Vancaskerkin

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