Lem Gardener


Lem Gardener: Male Halfling N Rog5/Rgr2 (favored class: Rogue) small humanoid
HD 5d8+10/2d10+4/Tough+7, hp 68
Init 11, Spd 20
AC 21 (5 dex, +2 armor, +2 magic, +1 size, +1 dodge), touch 18, FF 21
Base Attack +5, 4 cmb/ 21 cmd

saves +8 fort, +13 reflex, +5 will
str 10 dex 21 con 14 int 10 wis 14 cha 10

Stealth 24; Disable Device 14; Acrobatics 17; Perception 14; Sleight of Hand 8; Escape Artist 13

Profession: Gardener 6; Knowledge: Local 4; Knowledge: Nature 4; Knowledge: Dungeoneering 4; Craft: Traps 4; Use Magical Device 4; Survival 8; Track 9

Appraise 4; Bluff 6; Climb 6; Fly 4; Heal 6; Linguistics 4; Ride 4; Sense Motive 6;

Traits and feats – dodge, improved init, mobility, weapon finesse, successful shirker, reactionary, trapfinding, trap sense, uncanny dodge, wild empathy, favored enemy: undead, quick draw, toughness
Languages – common, halfling

Items Dagger +1; Cloak of Resistance +1; Leather armor +1; war razor +1


Lem Gardener was born Lem Telurian, son of a gardener indentured to a Chelaxian noble. The treatment of his family at the hands of the noble was fair but never friendly, and upon his father’s natural death, Lem entertained no other option but to continue as gardener to his lord. Two years ago, his master moved to Sandpoint to try and further a business venture, bringing family and staff with him. The local economy and political scene, however, proved unfavorable to the initiative, and the Chelaxian was unable to maintain the lifestyle to which he (and his family) had become accustomed. Within six months, the noble’s wife had returned to Chelax with most of his wealth and a new husband, the noble had to sell his grand home and move “in town”, becoming increasingly alcoholic and abusive. Lem carries the pragmatic pride of someone who grows things from bare dirt, and it took very little of his master’s injustice for him to seek employment elsewhere. Unfortunately, his master’s arm was long due to the perception of wealth, so Lem encountered a long and frustrating series of closed doors. Again, his decision was quick: “Thou call’dst me dog before thou have a cause, But since I am a dog, beware my fangs.” He took his father’s dagger, found an out-of-the-way shed in which to live, and took up the life of a burglar. He was good enough to pay the bills.

Beginning to despair about ever making his way out of Sandpoint, Lem took a special interest in a group of strangers propelled to hero status by the onslaught of a few goblins. He quickly latched onto their status, figuring they would tire quickly of the stench of Sandpoint and maybe take him with them to someplace where he could give up the knife and grow again. Instead, they drew him into a world of fighting for the sake of others and the vanquishing of evil, which was fine when it came with some money and the promise of leaving.

As that promise grew thin, however, Lem took up with a merchant caravan to hasten his own exodus, only to fall victim to a pack of ghouls. His friends found him crucified in a farmer’s field, halfway to his own undeath and the antithesis of every living thing he had ever grown. Thankful for their help and much more cautious about his own fate, and with a twinge of the black abyss of undeath still lingering in the back of his heart, Lem made a decision to invest in this group of misfits, learn to carry his own weight in the battles that lay ahead, and to take special interest in helping Gloriana meet with her own inner demons. The rest of the group seemed agreeable enough, and the Cheliaxian kept himself largely to himself.

So Lem bought a bow and learned to use it and opened his mind to a slightly more rugged existence out of doors. Carrying his special hatred of the undead with him, he continually seeks wisdom regarding their ways, their strengths, and their weaknesses, using the knowledge to nurture and control the psychic residue of having once been on his road to undeath.

Lem Gardener

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