Kara Silverleaf


Name: Kara Silverleaf
Class: Alchemist
Level: 8
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Alignment: C-G
Abilities: STR 13; DEX 16 (18); CON 10; INT 20 (24); WIS 10; CHA 10
Hit Points 54
AC 19 (touch 14)(Flat 15)(Armor: 1 Mithral Chain Shirt); Fort 9; Reflex 12; Will 6
Weapons: Alchemist Bombs (
11/6); 1 Longsword (8/3); Short Bow (10/5); Dagger (7/2)

Skills: Appraise; Craft Alchemy; Heal; Knowledge (Arcana); Knowledge (Dungeoneering); Knowledge (Geography); Knowledge (Nature); Perception; Ride; Spellcraft; Stealth; Survival

Feats: Brew Potion, Throw Anything, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; Extra Discovery (Explosive Bomb)

Traits: Forlorn, Hedge Magician

Extracts: Bomber’s Eye; Comprehend Languages; Cure Light Wounds; Expeditious Retreat; Shield; Endure Elements; Keen Senses; True Strike; Reduce Person; Enlarge Person; Fire Breath; Invisibility; Fox’s Cunning; Darkvision; Cat’s Grace; Spider Climb; Fly; Haste; Displacement


Background: Kara developed a fascination for all things alchemical at a young age. Her father was a mid-level wizard who specialized in brewing potions (and crafting other magic items) for the other elves of the Mierani Forest. Kara enjoyed experimenting with alchemical substances in her father’s lab, but never exhibited the same enthusiasm for the study of spellcasting. When her father passed away, Kara’s depression led her to leave her elven homeland and travel the western lands of Varsia. Traveling from place to place, she made her living by selling potions and other alchemical items.

Kara recently decided to travel to the town of Sandpoint to visit the apothecary shop of a certain Aliver Podiker, with whom (she believes that) she might be able to buy/sell/trade potions or alchemical items. She heard that there was also some festival that would soon start —

Kara Silverleaf

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