Players Guide

This page is a guide to help you build your PC. The Pathfinder SRD has a useful page on here for walking you through the process. See also our forum topic for more information and discussion.

Here are some options for managing your character:

Paizo Rise of the Runelords Player’s Guide

Before you do anything else, read the Paizo-published Rise of the Runelords Players Guide. It contains great information about the region of Golarion that the campaign is based in, the city of Sandpoint (where the campaign starts out), races and classes in the region, religions, equipment, weapons, etc.

Characters and Classes

Please add your characters to the Characters page.

Point Buy

We’re using a high fantasy point by system. This means you’ll have 20 points to blow on ability scores. Before you start jumping up and down, ability scores cost a little different in Pathfinder:

Ability score costs

The good news is that you can get some additional points above the 20 by taking negative scores!

Starting Gold

Below is the table for rolling your starting wealth. Roll for what you start with – if you roll below the average, just take the average. You should purchase any normal equipment you need as a starting adventurer.



Traits are an interesting way of adding flavor to PCs without overpowering them. You receive two traits. See the SRD Traits page for further details on traits that are available to you.

Hero Points

We will be using the optional Pathfinder rules for Hero Points – please take a look at them as they differ slightly from those used in our other 3.5 campaigns.

Players Guide

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