Known NPCs

Note – this is largely for NPCs that have not yet been added to the more extensive Characters page, and/or for organizing the NPCs there into groups.

Goblin Heroes (from Shalelu)

Nualia Tobyn: daughter of Father Tobyn; thought to have died in the Sandpoint church fire five years ago with her father. According to Tsuto’s notes, Nualia sought to remove her “celestial taint” and replace it with her “mother’s grace” (probably referring to the evil goddess Lamasthu, the Demon Mother). This ritual transformation began with burning her father’s remains (stolen during the goblin raid during the Swallowtail Festival) at Thistletop shrine, transforming Nualia’s hand into something demonic.

Before her death at the hands of the prty, Nualia’s known allies included Tsuto Kaijitsu (killed by party); a quasit (killed by party) who used a magical pool to create sinspawn (all killed by party); a mess of goblins (including warchanters) from the various tribes; the mutated goblin Koruvus (killed by party); the goblin druid Gogmurt and his cougar companion Tangletooth (both killed by party); the tall goblin Ripnugget and his giant gecko mount Stickfoot (both killed by party); the human wizard Lyrie (killed by party); several yeth hounds (all three killed); the human mercenary Orik Vancaskerkin (captured and released by party); and the bugbear Bruthazmus (killed by party). Nualia intended to release and control the greater barghest Malfeshnekor (killed by party).

The Foxglove family

  • Aldern Foxglove
  • Iesha Foxglove, Aldren’s wife
  • Traver Foxglove, Aldern’s father – slit his own throat after murdering his wife
  • Cyralie Foxglove, Aldern’s mother – thrown from window by her husband
  • Sendeli and Zeeva, Aldern’s sisters

The Graul family
A family of nasty inbred ogre kin and their pets who lived on a vile farmstead in the Kreegwood. They’re all dead now (killed by the party).

  • Rukus & his hunting dogs
  • Crowfood
  • Mammy
  • Benk, Kunkel, and Hadge – reanimated by Mammy as zombies
  • Lucky
  • Maulgro
  • Hucker & his donkey rats, Chuckles and Drooler
  • Muck, the tendriculous
  • Hograth
  • Jeppo
  • Sugar
  • Biggin, the giant spider
  • Uggli
  • Macho

Known NPCs

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