To successfully wear Heartplate, the owner must satisfy the following requirements. Otherwise, Heartplate only functions with its basic abilities.
Skills: Heal 5 ranks
Spells: Able to cast divine spells and channel
Alignment: Good aligned

Heartplate Basic Abilities
Heartplate is a +1 breastplate made of a combination of Celestial Mithral/Anamnesis Alloy. As such, it functions as Mithral armor for weight and agility.


This breastplate is made of a strange, shimmering folded metal that seems to be a rippling swirl of some luminescent silvery metal and a reddish/copper metal. In the center is a circular depression that is inlaid with a seven pointed star of the silver metal.

This armor appears as though it may have been intended to be part of a larger set of plate of some kind.


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