Elusive Spellbook



An Elusive Spellbook functions much like a Blessed Book, except for several key differences:

  • The material cost must still be paid to scribe spells into the book.
  • When the book is created, it is bound to an owner. As a general rule (see below), only the owner can read the spells in the book. To any other user, the spells appear as shifting patterns of nonsensical symbols. If studied for more than a few moments, the reader becomes nauseated for D10 rounds.
  • Elusive Spellbooks are also extremely durable, as a side effect of the abjurations used to create them. To destroy (or even noticeably damage) and Elusive Spellbook requires the abjuration magic to be suppressed first, or requires a specific spell such as Disintegrate to be cast on the book.

This book appears to be a nicely designed rune-covered spellbook, though the cover glows a soft orange. When opened, it becomes clear that the book contains many more pages than it appears.

Elusive Spellbook

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