Nualia Tobyn

evil aasimar cleric bent on destroying Sandpoint (deceased)


aasimar cleric (/fighter?) of Lamashtu


Aasimar foundling raised by Father Tobyn in Sandpoint; thought to have died in the church fire five years ago with her father. According to Tsuto’s notes, Nualia sought to remove her “celestial taint” and replace it with her “mother’s grace” (probably referring to the evil goddess Lamashtu, the Demon Mother). This ritual transformation began with burning her father’s remains (stolen during the goblin raid during the Swallowtail Festival) at Thistletop shrine, transforming Nualia’s hand into something demonic.

Nualia’s known allies included Tsuto Kaijitsu (killed by party); a quasit (killed by party) who used a magical pool to create sinspawn (all killed by party); a mess of goblins (including warchanters) from the various tribes; the mutated goblin Koruvus (killed by party); the goblin druid Gogmurt and his cougar companion Tangletooth (both killed by party); the tall goblin Ripnugget, his giant gecko mount Stickfoot (both killed by party), and a harem of goblin wives (all killed by party); the human wizard Lyrie (killed by party); three yeth hounds (all killed by party); the human mercenary Orik Vancaskerkin (captured and released by party); the bugbear Bruthazmus (killed by party); and the greater barghest called Malfeshnekor.

Nualia was killed by the party at Thistletop.

Nualia Tobyn

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