Barrett family

Sandpoint family with a goblin problem


Amille (mother), Allerghast (father), Aron (boy), Verra (baby), Petal (family dog, deceased)


Amille Barrett asked the party for help, claiming there was a goblin in her family’s house. Over several nights, her young son, Aron, had said there was a monster in his closet, but her husband, Allerghast, found nothing. Then one night the family dog, Petal, cried out in pain and the boy’s arm had bite marks, prompting Amille to flee with the children while Allerghast tried to corner the menace that must surely be a goblin in the closet.

Amille, desperate for help, found the party. The went to the house to find Allerghast wounded and Petal dead, and ultimately killed the lone goblin which had been hiding in a hole under the boy’s closet.

Barrett family

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