Abby Solo

Abby is a tough, independent minded fighter, with a passion for survival rather than destruction


Abby Solo: Female Half-Elf NG Fighter (favored classes: Fighter, Cleric) medium humanoid
Lvl 5
HD d10+2, hp 46
Init 5, Spd 20
AC 23 (
3 dex, +7 armor, +2 shield, +1 amulet), touch 13, FF 19
Base Attack +4, +6 cmb/ 19 cmd
longsword +1, Wrecker shield +1, long bow (comp +4)
saves +7 fort, +4 will, +5 reflex
str 16 dex 16 con 14 int 10 wis 14 cha 8
skills acrobatics (2), climb (1), handle animal (2), heal (1), intimidate (1), perception (2), ride (2), stealth (1), swim (1)
traits and feats – two-weapon fighting, improved shield bash, power attack, weapon focus (longsword), weapon specialization (long sword), double slice
skill focus perception, caretaker, reactionary
languages – common, elven


Abby was abandoned by both her parents… as far as she knows, both are embarrassed by her? did not love her? regardless, she lacks self-confidence and is not well centered. She grew up in Riddleport, amongst the pirates and thieves. She was repulsed by the obvious selfish behavior, and while she developed strong fighting skills and supported herself (and defended herself) through her fighting skills, her natural inclination is defense. As a fighter she distinguishes herself by keeping her party alive rather than by dealing huge damage. As a youth she was drawn to the local healers, and her affection for them and their arts has led to her trait in healing.

She lacks self-confidence and will not lead a group. She left Riddleport looking for meaning – meaning for her fighting, meaning for her life, meaning for the universe.

Abby Solo

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